Contact Your Waste Hauler

The City of El Monte has established franchise agreements with three waste disposal companies. These companies are responsible for providing refuse and recycling service to our residents and businesses. For any issues related to your trash service, please call your service provider for assistance. Each company is listed below along with their contact information and areas serviced.

Please note: The companies listed below are the only waste disposal companies permitted to operate in El Monte. No other hauling company may provide refuse service or refuse bins in the City of El Monte. Violators may be cited and fined per the provisions of the Municipal Code.

Waste Disposal Company
Phone Number
Areas Serviced
Valley Vista Services
800-442-6454 - Residential Sector
- Commercial Sector
- Multi-Family Sector
- Temporary Bin Rentals
(for areas north of 10 Freeway)
Waste Management, Inc.
800-774-0222 - Commercial Sector
- Temporary Bin Rentals
(for areas south of 10 Freeway)