Water Department

Warning about the use of bill pay sites unaffiliated with the City of El Monte.

It has come to the City’s attention that there are online bill pay sites that will accept payment for the City’s water bill. These non affiliated bill pay sites will charge a service fee and cannot guarantee prompt delivery of your payment. This could result in late fees being accessed to your account. The City of El Monte’s online water bill pay site is free for our customers to use. To pay your bill online please click the link below:

Pay Your Water Bill Online

Online Payments

Note your on-line payment does not post the same day. Payment is posted when we receive the funds from your bank. This process can take 48-72 hours.  If you process a payment the  same day your bill is due, your account is subject to late fees.

Establishing Service

Residents of the City of El Monte can potentially receive water service from one of 8 providers, including the Water Department of the City of El Monte.

In order to establish new service, you will need to verify if your address is located in the City of El Monte’s Water Department Service Area. Please refer to the Service Map and match location with water purveyor.