Alarm Program

The El Monte Police Department is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to its business owners and residents. In 2006 El Monte Police officers responded to 4,200 calls for service in regards to an alarm. Of those calls, only 2% involved a crime in progress or an attempted crime. Since the alarm ordinance was put into place in August 2007, there has been a decrease in false alarms. However, there is still much work to be done. Thousands of false alarms are still pouring into the dispatch center, forcing members of the community who would like to report a non emergency to wait for an officer who was delayed by a false alarm.

Causes of False Alarms

The majority of false alarms are caused by user error or a system malfunction. Enforcing the Alarm Ordinance allows the Department to effectively utilize our resources, and makes the responsible parties aware of the activity of their alarm system. The goal of the ordinance is to help reduce false alarms and provide structure to a growing problem.

Obtaining a Permit

The El Monte Police Department has made obtaining a permit easy and inexpensive for those who qualify for an exemption. Alarm companies who serve members of the community are working in unison with the Department to control the abundance of false alarms, which continue to plague the community. Minimizing false alarms is feasible and within reach with cooperation and participation from all parties involved.