COMMUNITY & Economic Development Department

Mission Statement

The mission of the City of El Monte Economic Development Department is to implement and support a variety of comprehensive and strategic programs to promote the economic well-being of the City.

Our operations comprise two core functions--Economic Development and Community Development. Programs aim to leverage public and private resources in a way that has a positive impact on the business activity, employment, income distribution, and fiscal sustainability of the City.

Examples in which economic development helps our community include:

  • Creating well-planned, sustainable communities;
  • Ensuring quality environmental design;
  • Business recruitment, development and retention;
  • Diversification of retail and restaurant offerings;
  • Enhancing local quality of life;
  • Visitor attraction;
  • Fostering private investment;
  • Growing and sustaining property values;
  • Job creation and workforce development;
  • Productive use of property;
  • Recognition of local products; and
  • Increasing the City’s tax base.
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