Building & Safety

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The Building Division is established pursuant to a mandate by the State of California Health and Safety Code in order to facilitate development within the City in such a way that offers reasonable protection of lives and property. Our objective is to implement the minimum building standards mandated by the State of California while streamlining the process.

The Building Department also serves as the main point of contact for plan review, permit, inspection and real estate inspection process. Other departments/divisions are involved in the approval process and counter staff will inform you on which are applicable to your project. Our staff is here to assist you with the processing of your project and guide you through this complex process. Once all the reviews and approvals are obtained, you will be ready to obtain a permit(s) for construction on your proposed project.

Our mission is to provide the highest standard or customer service in a professional and timely manner. We resolve to be consistent, predictable and fair with those who depend upon our services. It is our goal to attain the highest levels of workmanship, integrity and professionalism.


  • Climate Zone 9 
  • Seismic Design Category D (CBC) or D2 (CRC) or by property specific soils report
  • Wind Speed 85 mph (3 second gust), Exposure B