What are the current trash rates?

The trash rates are:

  • Basic Services / billed quarterly: $31.49 per month ($94.47 / quarter)
  • Additional Blue Recycling Cart: No Charge
  • Additional Brown Trash Cart: $6.27 per month ($18.81 / quarter)
  • Additional Green Waste Cart : No Charge for One Additional Cart
  • Additional Green Waste Cart above 2 containers: $5.97 per month ($17.91 / quarter)
  • Low Income Senior/Disabled Rate: $15.75 per month ($47.25 / quarter)
  • Senior Discount Rate: $26.46 per month ($79.38 / quarter)

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1. Who is El Monte's residential trash service provider?
2. What are the current trash rates?
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9. What is the trash billing schedule?
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