Police Cadet

The City of El Monte established its Cadet Program in 1970. The purpose of the Police Cadet Program is to attract young, well-qualified men and women to participate in an organized on-the-job training program. Our Police Cadet Program includes instruction in the duties, responsibilities, methods, and techniques of the Police Department.


The Police Cadet, under the supervision of a sworn or civilian personnel, perform a variety and progressively difficult police clerical and technical duties in the areas including, but not limited to: front desk assignment, records, community relations, patrol, traffic and property control. The Police Cadet is a part-time position that is normally scheduled up to 36 hours per week..

Work Schedules

The Police Cadet Program is a part-time training program for college-enrolled students who anticipate future employment within the criminal justice field. Participants are expected to gain practical knowledge of the functions of the police department while attending college coupled with actual performance within the Police Department. Individuals possessing a desire in becoming a Police Cadet must pass a rigorous background investigation.

Cadets to Police Officers

Several El Monte Police Cadets have become Police Officers within the El Monte Police Department. Since the inception of the program, more than 75 cadets have successfully transitioned from cadet to police officer.