El Monte Farmers Market

In 2014, the City Council adopted the Urban Agriculture Initiative Program with the goal of creating a Farmers Market while preserving and enhancing the City's deep agricultural roots. In order to realize that goal, the El Monte Farmers Market was established by City Council Resolution No. 10136, as a public good provided by the City for residents and visitors alike. 

Come join us Thursday evenings from 5:00 PM til 9:00 PM on Main Street between Santa Anita Avenue and Tyler Avenue in Downtown El Monte for fresh and healthy produce, deliciously prepared food, and entertainment for the entire family.

The Farmers Market runs seasonally, from March through October every year.

El Monte Farmers Market Rules

The El Monte Farmers Market Steering Committee adopted the following Rules at its Regular Meeting on February 14, 2023. All Market participants shall abide by these rules, as well as all applicable Federal, State and local laws, rules and regulations.

el monte Farmers market map


Those interested in joining the El Monte Farmers Market may submit an application to farmersmarket@elmonteca.gov


As the El Monte Farmer’s Market is conducted on public streets, its operating rules make allowances for Constitutionally protected First Amendment expression, subject to reasonable time, place and manner regulations.   (Market Rules Section 2.11).   Those wishing to engage in political or other forms of Constitutionally protected non-commercial expression within the boundaries of the Farmer’s Market may do so, provided such activity is conducted within the Farmers Market’s designated First Amendment zone/area (the “First Amendment Area”) and comply with the City’s application process for accessing the First Amendment Area.  

 Those wishing to engage in First Amendment expression may apply for either:  

  1. Table space which will be located within the First Amendment Area and which is subject to the payment of applicable fees.  (Per Rules Section 2.11 no more than six (6) table spaces will be available within the First Amendment Area for any single Market day); or 
  2. Simple access to the First Amendment Area (i.e., no stationary table) for 2-hour intervals to engage in expressive activity.  

Persons within the First Amendment Area may, among other Constitutionally protected expression, distribute promotional materials within the First Amendment Area only. 

The application form can be downloaded below and may be accepted during normal business hours at the Office of the City Clerk, located in City Hall East at 11333 Valley Boulevard, El Monte, CA 91731.

Phone(626) 580-2200