As part of its long-term strategy to support the City’s human and economic development goals, the City of El Monte intends to plan, construct and operate a municipal broadband system as a utility for the City of El Monte’s residents and businesses. Technology Master Plan development will be managed by the Department of Public Works and the Department of Community & Economic Development. Through the El Monte Municipal Broadband Program, the City of El Monte will continue to strengthen the vision of El Monte as a vibrant, creative, and future-oriented city.

The City aims to correct the “Internet Gap”, replace aging copper infrastructure, create jobs, and increase access to the quickly growing digital economy. The El Monte City Council and City Administration have prioritized the planning, construction, and operation of municipal broadband as a public utility for the residents and businesses of El Monte.

At the City Council's Regular Meeting on June 16, 2021, the City engaged Magellan Advisors to assist with the development of the Technology Master Plan.


Internet is key for so many things in life today: doing business, getting jobs, keeping up with family and friends, shopping, and much more.

Magellan Advisors and the City want to make sure everyone has adequate access to internet service. If you run a household or organization, let us know what internet access you have at your location, how it works, and what you need. With your input, we can get more and better options for the future!

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